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The greatest compliment one can receive is a referral to another member’s friends, family, and business associates. Hoosier Referrals is an extension of your marketing team.


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Revitalize your business with consistent referrals from trusted relationships that are developed within our group. See how Hoosier Referrals can help build your business.


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People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Become part of one of the area’s largest referral groups and help other members build their business while building yours.

About Us

Hoosier Referrals is business referral group that meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:30a in Crown Point, IN (Northwest Indiana). The group includes professionals from area businesses that partake in a variety of industries. To remain a competitive networking group, Hoosier Referrals selects one representative per business category, which allows members to grow their business and generate referrals for the members of the chapter.

Our networking group meets weekly and requires at least one business-to-business meeting on a monthly basis. This provides the opportunity to meet with, get to know and understand potential business partners, and develop relationships that are focused on growing each others businesses.

Our meeting format provides an opportunity for 30-second member “commercials,” 5-minute business educational member speaker, and a 10-minute business highlight by a member.

Membership Requirements

  • Attend 3 out of 4 monthly meetings
  • Provide at least 2 qualified referrals each month
  • Conduct one business-to-business meeting with a fellow member each month
  • Pay the yearly membership dues of $100.00

Is ROI an Option for You to Grow Your Business?

Need Help Growing Your Business?

Business owners are constantly struggling with growing their business and many don’t know where to turn to for help! Hoosier Referrals provides an avenue for business owners to connect with other individuals who have been in the same situation and can work together to help each others’ businesses grow.

Potential Solution!

Hoosier Referrals has provided many businesses throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland with growth options through our unique approach to business marketing, networking, and referrals!

Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials!

Hoosier Referrals has proven valuable for many business owners!  From business growth, to new marketing ideas, to professional growth, to personal growth, our members have seen Hoosier Referrals as a valuable part of their business!

What's the Risk?

As business owners, we need to figure out the risk for every venture! With us, your risk is spending $100.00 for your yearly membership fee and taking the time to meet with your chapter once per week!  Yep, that’s all!

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Now is the time to make a difference for your business! The first step would be to attend one of our chapter meetings!  Contact us today to learn more!

What if I Don't Want to?

When we, as business owners, choose not to do something, there is always a “penalty” involved.  By not doing anything and staying the same, you can be still be faced with slow to no business growth, less business, and facing the same issues month in and month out.  Hoosier Referrals can act as a great avenue for growing your business through warm and hot leads!

Can Hoosier Referrals Grow My Business?

Find Out Below!

I have made great connections and friends.  Love the teamwork and effort. My business has grown tremendously.

Tony Shifino
AJ Specialties

I have been in Hoosier Referrals for many years and have developed many good business relationships, many of whom have become good friends. Not only has my business increased, but I have also had the opportunity to learn about industries outside of my own.

Diane Kania
Insurance Agent
Lakeshore Health Insurance Brokers

We have expanded our security business with having the group Hoosier Referrals (friends and business associates) refer business to us.

Al Pante
Phil & Son, Inc. Security Technology

I have been able to introduce Reflexology, a holistic complimentary way for better health, to many, many more people thru the referrals given me by my fellow members inHoosier Referrals.

Clarissa Fuller
Certified Reflexologist

When the business was first started in Illinois, we had great success. We then made the transition into Indiana and started looking for ways to grow our business here. After doing some searching, I found the Hoosier Referrals networking group in Crown Point. After developing relationships within everyone in the group, we started seeing tremendous success and a great return onHoosier Referrals! However, I have also developed some really great friendships, as well!

Curtis Ksenak
Marketing Consultant
Phuel Strategies